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Bebek Betutu Bebek Betutu

A Balinese speciality from our area around Ubud.

These cute, little animals, - always so much fun for the tourists, when they watched ducks waddle through the rice fields - have brought us pleasure and satisfaction for a second time.

Ducks in a Rice Field
Ducks in a Rice Field

In Penestanan, a little painters village near Ubud, a very appetizing smell reaches our noses. It comes from a Balinese house and it predicts a very special culinary event.

We enter the house of Ibu "Tutu" and these smell leads us right away to a huge rice grass over under a roof, that is smoking and glowing day and night, always spreading this indefinite smell.

There may be up to 50 ducks or more laying in this smouldering, smoking embers for 24 hours. Everything is prepared with delicious spices following old traditions and recipes.

Ibu Tutu's Bebek Betutu Oven
Ibu Tutu's Bebek Betutu Oven

Bebek Betutu
Bebek Betutu

Packed in palm leaves these "birds" steam in their own sauce, filled up with delicious secrets and rubbed in with fresh spices. Since generations this is kept a family-secret of Ibu Tutu.

A few, dry coconut shells in the embers refine this duck-speciality, ... that will be final "plupp" on our tongue.

Bebek Betutu at Villa Orchid Bali Bebek Betutu at Villa Orchid Bali

Bebek Betutu at Villa Orchid Bali

Everybody will understand, that after this procedure the duck-meat will fall from its bones without any help. Its fine, delicious taste always forces our guests to a "Aha"-experience, after their tongues have tasted Bebek Betutu.

That's how we dine and enjoy at  Villa Orchid Bali.

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