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Guests and Parties at Villa Orchid Bali Petra's Birthday

Petra and Rolf Müller-Wondorf at Villa Orchid
Petra and Rolf Müller-Wondorf at Villa Orchid

If we could think about something very special? And of course it should be possible to arrange it! All preparations have to be done hidden from Petra, because it should become a birthday surprise for Rolf Müller-Wondorf's wife.

This dream of a big surprise came through.

Than it was the day of Petra's birthday at
Villa Orchid Bali in August 2004.

Breakfast started with the usual birthday ritual. A cake with candles, greetings, best wishes and a "happy birthday" sang by our employees and us. Everybody was dressed in very festive Balinese dress.

a very special birthday party begins
a very special birthday party begins

Suddenly 36 musicians of a Gamelan orchestra arranged themselves under our king-palms near the pool. A small ceremony with offering was made for best success and the musicians started.. Finally drums, gongs and bells increased the rhythms.

Gamelan Orchestra at Villa Orchid Bali
Gamelan Orchestra at Villa Orchid Bali

When the drums got faster and louder, this was the moment for Nyoman, - a famous dancer from Singaraja - to start his Baris-Dance. Everybody's eyes were banned by this graceful dancer, who performed a impulsive warrior dance like being in trance.

Baris Dancer Baris Dancer Baris Dancer

Baris Dancer "Nyoman" from Singaraja (North Bali)

Nyoman's dance was followed by two beautiful dancer in festive decorated costumes, who preformed a "Paradise Bird Dance" together.

Balinese Dance Balinese Dance

Paradise Bird Dance

Balinese Dancer
Balinese Dancer

Already in the age of three the Balinese children start with first dance exercises. That is necessary to bow the whole body up to each fingertip and keep the dancer's body elastic. This early training also helps to coordinate eyes and head with the rhythm of the drums.

Balinese Dance Studies Balinese Dance Studies Balinese Dance Studies

Balinese Dance Studies

At the end of that performance Nyoman even performed a funny frog-dance together with an other - at first unknown - little frog dancer.

It was a nice surprise and great gun for everybody, when this little frog unmasked his face appeared. Being stiff next morning ... that was an other surprise for her.

Balinese Frog-Dance Balinese Frog-Dance

A few sweet little tears, a warm-hearted look from Petra to Rolf followed by a shy kiss. Rolf got his confirmation: This birthday surprise was a full success.

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