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Bali - Island of the Gods

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Ongkara Island of the Gods

Pulau Dewata the Balinese people call their island, which means "Island of the Gods". And indeed the island is covered with temples and shrines, which are all still in use.


Praying Women

The Balinese soothe their gods and demons with daily blossom offerings.

People in this unique Hindu dominated province within the islamic islands of Indonesia celebrate all important passages in their lives, passing from one stage to the next through traditional ceremonies.


These rites, called Manusia Yadnya start with birth, but the main ceremonies Tigang Sasih und Weton take place after the baby passes the third and sixth month. Other important rites of passages are the teeth filing Matatah, the wedding Pewiwahan and the cremation Ngaben.

But even after death and cremation the Balinese are responsible for their dead family members and, in further ceremonies like Ngerorasin, they guaranty the reincarnation of their relatives.

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