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Heliconia Bali's exotic Plants

Between the long-shaped leaves of Heliconia rostrada (also known as Fishtail Heliconia) bright red bracts are seen during the whole year.

On Bali there are several species from the family of Heliconia plants. These reach various heights from 30cm to 3.5meters. Besides different forms the colours change from golden yellow, orange to deep red. Wherever these plants find fertile, wet soil and filtered sunlight, they develop excellently, producing an eye-catching, colourful show.

Heliconia rostrada
Heliconia rostrada

Water lilies are found in Bali at places with full or half-day sun and fresh water. These plants, which are from the family of the Nymphaea and named after the Greek goddess Nymphe, shine in colors of white, yellow and in variations from rose to purple and blue.

Nymphaea Bob Trickett
Nymphaea Bob Trickett

Many of these flowers bloom only during night time. Their leaves float on the water surface and cast important shadows for the fish. Berry-like fruits grow and mature underwater.

The Lotus flower, the symbol of Buddhism, was brought from India to Egypt in 500B.C., is a lovely decoration in many pools. From the origin country of Hinduism legend holds, that the Lotus was dyed with the blood of Siva when he was wounded by Kama.

The rose coloured fragrant flowers stay open for only two or three days before they leave a curious fruit from which several seeds begin to grow.
The leaves grow from the bottom of a pool and stand like up-side-down umbrellas over the water. These leaves are so water resistant that water collects on their surface like pearls.

Nelumbium nucifera
Nelumbium nucifera
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