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Orchid Colourful Flowers

The warm and wet tropical climate of Bali offers many marvellous plants an ideal environment.

Some of the fine flowers, which are also cultivated in many Balinese gardens, are various species of Hybrids, also known as Orchids. They prefer not direct sunlight and each flower produces many blossoms.

Phalaenopsis Hybrid
Phalaenopsis Hybrid
Longwood Gardens

They are so rich in various forms and bright colours, that Orchids are considered queens among Bali's blossoms.

Many have strong lips, often frilled, colour contrasting with the rest of the blossom. Many insects and butterflies are attracted by the Orchid's fragrance and colour. Because of their long life Orchids make excellent cut flowers, too.

Laeliocattleya Hybrids
Laeliocattleya Hybrids

Adenium - the Name of this plant comes from the Arabian city of Aden.
On Bali People call this beautiful shining shrub, which normally grows not taller than 150cm, "Jepun Jepang".

These plants love a sunny corner in the garden and a long dry period. With cut branches kept dwarfed and planted root bound in a pot, the Adenium will produce very opulent, pinkish red blossoms. Oval, glossy leaves are grouped at the end of long branches. But after the plant is in flower, usually this mini-tree is leafless.

Adenium abesum
Adenium abesum
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