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Bali Fruits Fruits of Bali

Besides many delicious fruits like pineapple, papaya, mango, jackfruit, durian or most of the well known citrus fruits, Bali has several sweet surprises to offer.

The sweet quarters of the Mangosteen are hidden behind a very bitter, thick peel. A flower under the fruit shows how many quarters will be found in each fruit, which varies between five and seven. The edible quarters of this fruit enclose a hard kernel. Mangosteen mature on Bali during the dry season and the best growing areas are the fresh mountain regions with forests and shade.


A majestic tree carries the bright red shining Rambutan. At first sight its peel reminds one of a hedgehog, but the fruit is only protected by long, soft prongs.


The taste of these fruits reminds one of Leeches, but here the kernel is bigger, and is not always peeled from the fruit very easily. Rambutan trees are found in nearly all regions of the island and their fruit matures at the end of the dry season. Attention! Everyone, who bought 20 of these fruits in a local market has probably also gotten ten times this amount of ants, which love it to sit deep within the peel.

In the eastern part of this tropical island, in the region of Karangasem, in orchards guarded by prickly fences grows the snake-skin fruit called Salak.

At the foot of thorny palms the Salak grows in big bundles. Its thin, brown peel looks like it is covered with small fish scales, and is easily removed. Inside there are three quite compact pieces. The biggest one contains a hard kernel. Salak is not for thirsty people; it tastes more like a mixture of apple and pear.

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