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Sulawesi Sulawesi

PADI Open Water Diving Course
at Prince John Dive Resort
Tanjung Karang / Donggala / Palu

I arrived by plane from Ujung Pandang in Palu, Central Sulawesi, a small province capital at a beautiful bay, surrounded by green mountains, in the end of November 1997.

An old, noisy minibus took me to Donggala. From this small village it's just another 3km to Tanjung Karang. Next to the sea there is

"Prince John Dive Resort",

at that time under a German management. With Padi Dive Instructor Richard Gierster I could get my diving licence within a week.

Prince John Dive Resort
Prince John Dive Resort

Gerhard goes diving
Gerhard goes diving

Actually I didn't come here for diving. Originally I had plans to travel a little bit around in this region. But all those stories from other divers made me listening and I decided to start a first try.

I wanted to prove myself, if I'm really the right guy for such a "deep underwater adventure". My first dive gave me such an overwhelming impression, that I decided to get the necessary licence for this great sport. What I saw in those crystal clear waters was absolutely unbelievable. These colours of corals and fish I remembered from TV. But now all was real. I nearly stopped breathing.

Looks like an Aquarium
Looks like an Aquarium

Being in between all these underwater world, .. being a part of it, that was an overwhelming feeling. Peter always was a little bit ahead and pointed at something. Otherwise I would have overlooked much of that beauty in this new strange world. The deception was often to perfect.

Gerhard goes diving
Gerhard goes diving

We started our exercises and dives direct in front of Prince John Dive Resort down to the "Green Wall", some underwater rocks and a beautiful reef. All was easy to reach without long boat trips.

So my holidays just passed with new and unforgettable impressions under ...and above the water.

All necessary routine lessons and learning of theory were easy done in such an tropical atmosphere. There was no "I have to..". My target was to get my "diving licence"!

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